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Wainscoting / Border / Panels

Product detailsSize: 99cm × 29cm × thickness 0.6cmMaterial Surface: Vinyl chloride, Sponge part: High density polyethylene (antibacterial material), Back side: Strong adhesive sealWeight: 134gAbout the productThe colours on the screen and the product may differ depending on the computer environment...
SpecificationsMaterial: PVC film (Eco-Friendly)Thickness: 3-4cmInstall Area: Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as old wallpaper, painted wall or ceiling, marble, furniture, cabinets, glass, metal, tile or even in bathroom.Brand: BakutaFeaturesEasy to apply - just peel and stick! Apply to any ..
Key Highlights:1. Easy Installation- Just peel the backing paper and stick onto any flat surface!2. Highly Durable- Can withstand high temperature of fire or water, making it suitable to install anywhere in the house with rough conditions, especially kitchen and bathroom.3. High Quality Material- Ou..
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